NPHS 50th Reunion
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Added January 30

Contributed by Dick Gough. Here's something I found in the archives...

Bob Haines, Bill Hogue, Dick Gough, John Linpani at a party preceding the 25th reunion.
And here's a June, 1957 Courier-News article on the NPHS academic 11:

Dick & Diana Gough on the MS Rossia near St. Petersburg, Russia, 9/07. 
Seems what hair I have left is somewhat grayer than in the photo above.

Contributed by Robie McKinnon.

Clockwise from 6 O'clock : Robie Nichwitz, Joan Babbitt, Anne Bonnell, Sandy Smith, Lou Caruso, Nina Barone, Edna Connor, Pat Fels, Lois Fetz

Lu Caruso, Angie Cardone, Marie Winiski, Margie Sodwith

Gordon & Mary Lou Armstrong Bird; Terry & Lucile Caruso Rothemich

Lucille Caruso & Toby Rosen

Sue Milani, Diane Murin, Maryanne DiOrio, Sally Dammann; front: Jean VanNortwick, Edna Connor, Lucille Caruso

Lucille Caruso "Cheers to the Class of '57"

Lucille Caruso